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Airport Security

To insure passenger safety, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has imposed strict security procedures at our nation’s airport. Here are some tips to help you comply with the new regulations.

» Arrive at the airport at least two hours before flight time. You may encounter long lines at check-in counters and airport screening stations.

» Curbside baggage check is being reinstated on an airline-by-airline and airport-by-airport basis. Check with the airport to see if your airline has been approved for curbside checks. Otherwise, proceed directly to the check-in counters.

» If you are traveling with a tour group or cruise group, you will no longer be allowed to check in for flights at hotels or at the cruise terminals. You must check in at the airport.

» If someone is dropping you off at the airport, they must stay with the vehicle at all times. They should not leave it unattended, even for a moment.

» You must have a picture I.D. such as a driver’s license, passport, or government-issued identification. Insure that you make your reservation in the exact name that appears on the identification you plan on presenting at the airport. If your name has recently changed and the name on your ticket and your I.D. are different, bring documentation of the change (e.g., a marriage certificate or court order). If traveling with an e-ticket, you must produce a copy of your e-ticket receipt when you check-in.

» The FAA also requires all non-U.S. citizens boarding international flights in the United States to show evidence of admission into the United States. Evidence of admission can consist of visas, I-94, parole letter, admission stamp, alien resident card, etc.

To enter the secured area beyond the security screening checkpoint, you must show a valid picture I.D. and one of the following boarding documents indicating a flight departure for the current date:

1) A receipt for an electronic ticket;
2) An itinerary generated by an airline or travel agency confirming an electronic ticket;
3) A boarding pass; or
4) A paper ticket.

Receipts and itineraries MUST have ticket numbers on them.

If you do not have a boarding pass, ticket, e-ticket receipt or printed confirmation, an airline-issued boarding document must be obtained at the ticket counter prior to clearing security.

E-ticketed passengers with no receipt, agency or airline-issued itinerary must first go to the airport ticket counter to obtain a boarding pass.

Passengers who do not have baggage to check and already have an approved boarding document, as outlined above, may proceed through the security checkpoint directly to the departure gate. Although no curbside or skycap check-in is permitted, wheelchair assistance from curbside will continue to be provided.

Provisions will be made for parents who need to meet unaccompanied minors, for disabled persons and persons with special needs who need to be accompanied by healthcare assistants or guardians and for medical personnel who need to respond to a medial emergency beyond the check point.

All passengers should check with their airline or airport, or visit the airline or airport web site for additional information.

Keep your identification handy, as you may be asked after entering the gate area to produce it for airport or airline personnel.

You can now find security checkpoint wait times online at

» Keep your luggage and carry-on bags with you at all times prior to arriving at the airport and while in the terminal. Unattended bags will likely be confiscated – and even destroyed – by airport security.

» The FAA has recommended that passengers be allowed one carry-on bag and either a purse or briefcase. Airlines have the option of following the FAA's recommendation. Check with your travel agent or airline for information on carry-on luggage restrictions. Since you will likely encounter longer waits and more thorough inspections at screening stations, ASTA recommends that you minimize your carry-on items so you can be processed more quickly.

ALERT: The US Department of Homeland Security is restricting the amount of liquids passengers can carry on an airplane. Canada, the United Kingdom and European Union have imposed similar restrictions. Click here for more information

» Do not accept any packages or materials from strangers.

» Do not carry any sharp instruments (i.e., letter openers, knives, box cutters, scissors, etc,) in carry on luggage. They will be confiscated at airport screening stations. Starting Dec. 22, 2005, TSA will allow certain items, such as tools under a certain length, in carry-on baggage. Visit the TSA Web site for an up-to-date list

» If you see any suspicious activity or see unattended bags, contact airline or airport personnel immediately.

» Carry medications in your carry-on bags.

» Hold onto your baggage claim check. Individual airports may elect to provide more security in the baggage claim area.

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