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Dave's Family Travel Tips

August 2007

At DTR Travel Inc., we are always looking for better ways to provide value added services for our customers. Sharing valuable travel information and tips is just another way to keep you informed.

This Month's Tip(s): 10 Things to Remember Before You Travel

Over the past 30 years I have seen quite a bit that can make travel a challenge. Sometimes experience is the best teacher and I have had my own slip ups over the years. So I thought I would share some tidbits to consider before you venture out on your next trip.

1. Get your Passport!

Starting in 2008 you will need a passport to travel to anywhere outside the United States even by car or cruise ship. Since there has been a backlog this summer don't hesitate to get them now. And yes, even infants need them.

2. Verify your Passport.

Some countries will not allow you in if your passport expires within 6 months so check that expiration date. Also, make sure you have your own passport. Sometimes family members accidentally have the other person's passport and you want to make sure it is your own before you get to the airport.

3. Verify your Drivers License

When is the last time you checked the expiration date of your driver's license? I bet not in quite a while. I have had clients show up at the airport with an expired drivers license and they were not allowed to travel. If you are in the middle of getting your license renewed the DMV will issue you paperwork that will allow you to travel.

4. Pack Light

You have heard this before but it is so important to not over pack. Especially for larger families that are renting a car at their destination. Even the larger cars do not have that much trunk space and if you have filled up the car with passengers where are all those pieces of luggage going to go?

5. Don't pack essential medicines.

I see this all the time where people have packed that critical medicine or glasses that if your bag is lost it can cause a lot of stress.

6. Check in early

I am so guilty of this one and can't tell you how many flights I have almost missed. You just never know with security how long the lines will be so take my advice, check in early!

7. Stop the newspaper or have a neighbor pick it up.

Again, another sin I have committed over the years. Nothing like announcing to the world I am out of town than a bunch of newspapers stacking up.

8. Let your credit card company know you are traveling.

If you do not travel often and especially if you are traveling outside the country, make sure your credit card company knows you will be out of town. There is nothing worse than the credit card company trying to protect you by seeing charges outside the country and they call you but guess what, you are not home. Nothing worse than your credit card company putting a hold on the card and you have to deal with it out side the country.

9. Check your cell phone

Many people rely so much on their cell phones anymore and sometimes even with roaming charges the cell phone is still the most economical method to call home, especially calling back from outside the country.

10.  Go with the Flow

After traveling for over 30 years I have learned to expect the unexpected. Even the most routine trip can have little bumps along the way. The best part about traveling is no two trips are exactly the same.

I could go on and on but thought these are 10 good things to remember before you travel. I would love to hear about some of your mishaps and can share more tidbits with our clients in future travel tips

Wishing you and your family safe journeys.....


David Rojahn, CTC
DTR Travel Inc.

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